Pixel Tape

Achieve breathtaking colour changing effects with addressable RGB LED Pixel Tape. Unlike normal colour changing LED Tape, LED Pixel Tape allows the consumer to program each individual LED on the tape independently, enabling for more sophisticated and remarkable animated colour changing effects, such as colour chases, colour waves, strobing, fading and rain effects.
Just one run of LED Pixel Tape can be designed to display multiple different colours simultaneously.

Lots of folks inquire "What’s the big deal?" I can buy LED tape from any generic amazon or ebay shop for seriously cheap when i need to light up my venue Of course, any one can go and acquire some cheap LED tape direct over the Internet, but as professionals, we turn to tried and trusted solutions with full product support behind them.

Since this technology has advanced and matured, you will find many professional-grade alternatives in the LED tape marketplace which are able to be implemented in large-scale situations, and industry-standard producers are delving into the market to make products that will be trusted to perform on the level expected of any moving light.

We have designed some truly one of a kind solutions for our clientele utilising this technology, call us right now to learn more.

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