Room Automation

Many of our systems these days include some form of room automation to add to the customer experience.

From simple turning on/off individual devices to full room automation where a typical sequence might be : Virtual Exercise class/Corporate meeting starts: projector turns on and is set to the correct input : the main lights turn off/dim : the effects lights come on : the sound system turns on/up : the A/C is set to the correct level.
At the end of the exercise o rmeeting the room reverts back to its normal state, all seamlessly and without any interaction from a staff member or customer.

These systems are becoming increasingly popular and with the addition of tablet/mobile device control the room can be set to any number of preset scenarios, ideal for multi-use studios/ corporate meeting rooms.


Today’s best room control and automation technologies include everything a meeting organiser needs to take command of all of a meetings content and information sources, easily and effectively. With the right technology, companies can dramatically improve the efficiency of their meetings, saving them time and money.

Conference room automation is the technology that can empower you to manage multiple collaboration tasks via a simple and intuitive user interface – usually a touch panel or keypad. The system manages all of your audio and video inputs and outputs, enabling you to easily control where and how your content is displayed on your projection screens and displays. More sophisticated systems can control virtually any analog or digital input or output, including video conferencing systems, Blu-ray players, document cameras, lighting and even screens and blinds - all from a single user interface rather than a bewildering collection of remotes.

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